Programs Offered

Recreational Classes-Full Year

Our recreational program focuses strongly on building technique and creating a love of performing. These classes perform in the year-end recital. All ages and abilities accepted. Classes offered include Combo classes, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro, Ballet, Lyrical and Singing and Acting. Starting age is 2.5 to Adult.

One of the most exciting parts of being a dancer is performing for others. Here at Hit the Floor, every dancer on every level gets to take what they've learned in the classroom and bring it to the stage. All dancers, our little ones through adults, are encouraged to participate in the performance process. For your little dancer it promotes confidence, discipline (to memorize a routine), and is just plain fun! For older dancers, it gives them the opportunity to show their love for their art to friends and family. And let's face it - every dancer, no matter how young or old - loves to hear their efforts applauded as that curtain closes at the end of their number. The recitals are a great experience for dancers, friends, and family. Students and Parents need to be aware that in order to have these recitals, extra rehearsals are needed. Every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum. The reward for all of the sweat, time, effort, and dedication comes together in the recitals. The recital -especially for those not on competition teams- is the chance to share you or your dancer's love of dance with others. By following the rules for performance above we can ensure that recitals remain a source of joy, and that the only thing you and your dancer feel after each recital is the pride that comes from a job well done! Recital will be held on (May 3 2025)

Recreational Classes 

Sessional Program- September-December 2024

Our sessional classes will give your child the opportunity to explore the world of dance without the commitment of a full year. These 14 week sessions are a great introduction to dance and performance. Classes begin the week of  September 9th  2024 and will end with a parent viewing the last week of classes. Option to stay in class after Christmas break.

Sessional Classes

Competition Program-Full Year

We believe that ordinary children can achieve the extraordinary if they are encouraged, supported and provided with the right training. If your child enjoys dance and is prepared to work hard in a fun but firm atmosphere then our competitive program has a lot to offer. The benefits of competitive dance are numerous. Dance in any form teaches proper posture, rhythm, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, classroom etiquette, commitment, discipline and teamwork. These qualities are all magnified within the competitive program especially commitment, discipline and teamwork. Each dancer has a responsibility to the competitive team. Goals are set, results are achieved and team spirit is promoted. Pride, accomplishment, loyalty and teamwork are rewards that are far more important than the medals and trophies won. This more intensive level of training enables each dancer to reach their full potential. Many family friendships and weekend outings result from the competitive program. Anyone is welcome to audition for the competitive program. All competitive students are accepted based on evaluation. Dance experience is usually necessary to be eligible for placement. The amount of experience depends on the level and age of the company for which your child is being considered. 

Dance competitions and conventions have become a major force in the dance world. We, at Hit the Floor, feel that when handled correctly the pressure of competition can be a fun and exciting way for dancers to show off their talents. Team members can also be educated in dance by seeing other dancers from all around sharing their same goals and dreams. Being a member of a team is a commitment. This commitments is not only for the dancers, but for the parents as well. The lessons learned are invaluable. Learning how to work together with others is a skill that will always be used, in and out of the dance school. We at Hit the Floor hold true our value in choreography and costuming. We try hard to set the appropriate standards for our dancers to be proud of. In conclusion, we encourage all team members to work hard and be the best they can be, on and off stage. We strive to make competitions a good experience for everyone, no matter what trophies are brought home. Our goal is to enrich the minds, bodies and souls of our students and to teach them the skills necessary for a successful life.  

Competitive Information